Church Planting

COGIC India is committed to reaching the unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our vision to plant churches as a means to enable corporate worship and spiritual growth among the people that the gospel is preached to. Currently COGIC India has churches in 14 states of India and in neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar and Malaysia.

Ministry Among The Tribals

Bishop Bevin Lawrence has a calling to help the people who live in the deep jungles and remote villages. These tribal communities are deprived of basic facilities like food, shelter, healthcare and education. Since 1995, he and his team have ventured into these areas to work among these people. Through the years, COGIC has been able to provide housing by working with the Government, Education to the kids by means of running a Children’s Home and Healthcare Services through frequent Medical Camps.

Children's Home

In continuation to the works from 1995 to 2000, we decided to start a “Home” for the Tribal children at Kodaikanal. On June 21, 2000 the Children’s Home was inaugurated in Kodaikanal. 19 kids from Moongilpallam, Kadamanrevu and Kombaikadu were the first kids in the home. These three villages are situated about 30 kilometres from Kodaikanal. In this ‘Home’ free accommodation, food, health care and education are provided. The children go to the CSI Town School and St. Xavier’s Girls Higher Sec. School, Kodaikanal.

The Children’s Home, started in the year 2000 has seen a lot of development. The Home was first started in a rented building. In May, 2001, it was shifted to another building bought for the purpose of running the “Home”. Slowly the building was renovated year after year to bring the Children’s Home building to its present stage. The kids have adequate accommodation, wash rooms, dining room, study rooms, kitchens, store, a small garden, verandah and a play area.

Children grow healthy both physically and mentally. Healthy competitions are conducted to sharpen their mental and physical abilities. Now our children compete in inter-school competitions and win prizes for singing, dancing and drawing regularly.

Nine girls have completed their 12th Grade (Higher Secondary Examination) so far. One girl has graduated from college for teacher’s training. She is now one of the teachers in our Children’s Home.

The Home is recognised by the Social Welfare Department of the Government and is being Licensed under the Juvenile Justice Act.

Health Care

COGIC India is involved in providing Healthcare for the poor and needy. Bishop Bevin Lawrence being a medical Doctor has a heart to provide basic Healthcare to those who cannot afford it. The nearest hospital to some villages is many kilometres away and the villagers do not have easy access to them. Many free Medical Camps camps have been conducted in villages around Kodaikanal. Apart from this, COGIC has conducted medical camps during natural calamities like the tsunami in South India, Earthquake in Nepal and the floods in Chennai, India.

Relief Work

When we hear about natural calamities around the world, we generally feel a sense of empathy and also helplessness in not being able to be reach out. But COGIC India, has been the hands and feet of the Church around the world, in taking their prayers and provision to those affected areas at the right time.

Specifically, after the April 2015 Earthquake in Nepal, a team from COGIC India and COGIC World Mission visited Nepal five times over the course of many months. Initially the team supplied three tons of rice to the victims and also conducted medical camps. After taking stock of the situation, in subsequent visits, COGIC provided tin sheets to construct temporary housing for around 150 families.

After the Chennai floods in November 2015, COGIC India supplied bed sheets and mats for more than 1000 victims. It also continues to help families and churches in the re-habilitation process.


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